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Maintainers Policy

Maintainer Policies

To become a maintainer:
1) Read this post and understand the format
2) Reply to this post

Maintainer Priveledges
1) Posting access
2) Layout Customization

If you wish to be a Maintainer in this community you need to have the time available to contribute. I honestly don't have a lot of time myself, but I will try to post as often as I can. If you want to be a maintainer please make sure you can devote a decent amount of time to this community. Even if you're a little bit unsure, please don't apply.

Available Maintainer Positions: 4

Posting Template

Song Information Template

• A source must always be given
• Kanji for the artist is always first
• Lyricist and composer are required if available
• Order of song title: Kanji>Romaji>Translation

Song Post Format

Discography Format

Notes For Discographies Only:
• No need to link to a commercial page.
• Posting album info is optional

As a maintainer you also have the privilege of changing the site layout. Just check with me yuri_nikko before you do.
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