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1. Why do you use the Rōmaji ha, he & wo? Most other Rōmaji isn't like that!

I use a system that I'm comfortable with. So should you. Rōmaji is arbitrary, and if you know how a certain character is pronounced then the romaji I use shouldn't matter too much.

2. Why do you romanize the katakana in a song title?
It's just so I can maintain my katakana reading. I find that most people have trouble reading katakana and so I like to study it through romanizing the song titles (and because some titles look amusing romanized :D ).

3. What does KRT mean in the lyric post lj-cut?
Kanji, Rōmaji, Translation

4. I saw another translation of -insert song title- and yours is different. Which one is right?
I always try my best when I translate. My goal is not so much as literal accuracy but intuitive accuracy. I will write down what makes sense and not exactly what's there. But I've found that even "official" translations are horribly wrong, which is why I started this community. Sort of to take matters in my own hands. But keep in mind I'm only human, and make mistakes. It is up to you to decide which lyrics appeal to you more.

5. I just joined the community but I can't see any posts? WHYYYY???
You probably only WATCHED the community. Only members can see posts, so you must apply for membership by clicking HERE.

4. I can't read Kanji on my computer. What do I do?
If you don't have a legitimate copy of Windows or other operating system, you might not have the proper language packs installed. You can also try installing the Japanese Global IME for Windows here.
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