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『Japanese Music Lyrics』 ~JML~

日本の音楽 『歌詞のジャーナル』

Japanese Music Lyrics|Transliterations|Translation
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Hello and welcome to JML! This community is owned and operated by yuri_nikko. Here, she posts lyrics from Japanese songs in Kanji and Romaji along with English translations. You can browse through the available lyrics or request some of your own.

To join this community you should have:
1. A Livejournal account. It doesn't really matter if you use it or not. Just make sure you have one so you can post and reply to the community. Also you won't see the ugly LJ ads -_-;
2. Send a request to join by clicking HERE
3. Be patient! Requests are accepted manually and may take a while to be verified.

There are a few rules to be aware of. They are a breeze to follow!
1. Be courteous to everyone. Nobody likes a jackass.
2. Please do not post lyrics outside of this site without my permission!

If you have any questions regarding myself, this community, or just about anything else, please don't hesitate to send me a private message.

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To feature your site here please feel free to contact me.